GoFundMe Eastern Regional Presidents Cup Campaign

Sponsorship Opportunities

the numbers are based on an 18 man roster for a year from September to August

AS A NON-PROFIT organization, All benefits are subject to approval by FPYC and VYSA. All additional fees for benefits are borne by the sponsor.

Donation Support

While travel soccer is expensive and time consuming we believe that the impact it has on the lives of young men is worth the effort and sacrifice.  All donations are greatly appreciated and they help support our community through youth soccer.  Contact us if you would like to donate to our program. FPYCEagles@yahoo.com 

Sponsorship Benefits

Personalized Jersey


Personalize team equipment with your companies logo and let the community know that you support our program.

Promotional Display


Use your existing banners or design one to be seen at events, games and tournaments.  



Use our platform to market to those people that will appreciate your support for youth sports.

Web Recognition


Sponsors will be recognized on the teams social media and home page. 

Advertise with a Team Event


Use our players and their families to promote your business when you host an event like a car-wash.

Creative Use


As with any agreement, our Program would consider special requests tailored to the needs of the sponsor.